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Tire Changer (C880)

Tire Changer (C880)


Great machine for a small shop on a tight budget. All the features you demand at a price you can afford.


Swingarm style
Manual operation of the mount /demount tool
Four pneumatic clamps and double-acting cylinders
Side-mounted bead breaker
Bead seating inflation jets are integrated with the clamping jaws ensuring quick and safe inflation
Includes water separator, lubricator, and air pressure, a regulator


Types of Rims: Steel, Alum., Mag.
Max Wheel Diameter: 38"
Max Wheel Width: 3" - 12"
Rim diameter inside: 12" - 23"
Rim diameter outside" 10" - 20"
Air Pressure: 120 - 145 PSI
Operating Voltage: 110V
Rim Clamping: 4 jaws: internal/external
Space Requirements: W:35" H:73" D:38" approx.