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Atlas WB21 Wheel Balancer

Atlas WB21 Wheel Balancer


The Atlas WB 21 computer wheel balancer incorporates all the great features (AND MORE) of the AtlasWB11 computer wheel balancer. All truck and car computer wheel balancers require the input of three different measurements; rim width, rim diameter, and distance of mounted wheel assembly from the computer wheel balancer. The Atlas WB11 requires the operator to manually enter these three parameters. The Atlas WB21 requires the operator to enter ONLY the wheel width data. The other two parameters are entered automatically when the distance gauge (located near the balancer's mounting shaft) is extended to contact the inside of the mounted wheel assembly.


Max Tire Diameter 39"
Rim Sizes (cars and light trucks) 10"-26"
Shaft Size 40mm
Max. Wheel Weight 130 LBS.
Balancing Speed 150 RPM
Automatic Data Entry YES
Truck Adapter Set Optional
Shipping Weight 355 lbs
Power Supply 110V 1Ph
Motor ¼ HP
Display Standard or Metric
Accuracy 1 g
Weight Position Resolution 1.4 Degrees
Self Calibration YES