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1115 HD TrueCut Brake Lathe

1115 HD TrueCut Brake Lathe


Outstanding Features of the 1115HD to Accurately Resurface Automotive and Light Truck Rotors, Drums, and Flywheels :
- Heavy, thick ductile iron casting provides a rugged, reliable base for the 1115HD TrueCut.
- The 1115HD provides a "One Cut" finish. If specifications or operators prefer a rough cut before finishing, it is available simply by rotating a dial.
- Quick changeover from disc to drum tools in only seconds.
- The innovative design and tooling allow the 1115HD to be adapted easily to all existing and future machining applications.
- Driveshaft and arbor are supported by extra large tapered roller bearings. Bearings and complete drive train operate in an oil bath - no bushings or old fashioned sleeves to wear out.
- Simple arbor drive - only two gears.
- Individual high torque gear motors used for driving drums and rotor tool carriages. An electronic module measures and controls the carriage feed speed. By varying the torque to the feed motor a constant feed speed is held. This provides an even finish even through hard spots and large variations in the surface.
- Automatic shutoff of the tool carriages.
- Adjustable work light and top storage space for tools.
- The 1115HD has a complement of brake lathe tooling and accessories available for many special applications.
- CSA listed


Power: 115 Volts, 1 Phase, 60 Hz, 11 Amps
Drive Motor: 1 Horsepower, 1725 RPM
Drum/Rotor Feed Motor: 2 gear motors, 1 for each tool
Arbor Speeds: 85-110-140-185 RPM
Drum/Rotor Carriage Feed: Variable
Drum......0.001'' - 0.012'' per rev 0.025 - 0.300 mm
Rotor......0.001'' - 0.010'' per rev 0.025 - 0.250 mm
Drum Diameter: 5'' to 30'' (127 - 762 mm)
Drum Facing Travel: 9'' (229 mm)
Rotor/Flywheel Diameter Range: 5'' to 30'' (127 - 762 mm)
Rotor Thickness Range: 3'' (76 mm)
Rotor/Flywheel Facing Travel: 5'' (127 mm)
Arbor Diameter: Standard...........1'' (25.4 mm)
Optional....11/16'' (17.4 mm)
Optional..1 7/8'' (34.9 mm)
Drum/Rotor/Flywheel Weight Max: 150 lbs (68 kg)
525 lbs (238 kg)