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Mobile Lift

Mobile Lift


The mobile column lift consists of 2 mobile columns with adjustable wheel forks for different wheel sizes. Safety measures are for example automatic synchronization and double safety locks.

The lift can be used for repair, maintenance, and washing of vehicles, indoors and outdoors, giving the best vision and free access to any part of the vehicle.

1- yr Limited Warranty.


Reliable Air Operated Hydraulic System
Push-Button Controls
Synchronized Lifting as a Pair
Automatic Locks with 3" Increment and Velocity Fuses
Adjustable Lifting Forks (20-48" Wheels)
Spring Loaded, Easy Rolling Casters
Multi-Column Control (Multi, Pair, Single)
Standard Frame Bumper
Sliding Lifting Adapters Optional
Electric 220V Single Phase Twin Motor/Control
Extended Forks
Wider Forks