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Atlas PV-10P


The commercial-grade Atlas PV-10P two-post lift includes some modifications and improvements that make it one of the most popular above ground lifts in the world. The Atlas PV-10P is the perfect choice for use in either a large commercial service department or for the "pole barn" owner who wants the "biggest and baddest" lift in the county. The Atlas PV-10P is designed and engineered to safely lift (and work on) everything from a Smart Car ® to a one-ton diesel dually.

The Atlas PV-10P (the "P" means "padded") incorporates a "padded" shut-off bar to protect the top of the vehicle from contacting the crossbar. The carriages are equipped with "padded" protective (thick rubber) covers to help prevent the vehicle's doors from damage if opened into the columns or carriages. The truck adapter set has been augmented (12 pieces vs. 8 Pieces) and the rubber lift pad has been reinforced to ensure solid contact with the vehicle's lifting point.


Maximum Capacity: 10,000 lbs.
Overall Height 142" (11' 10")
Overall Width 137-1/2" (11' 5 1/2")
Outside Column to Outside Column 125" (10' 5")
Maximum Lift Height(With Adapters) 82" (6' 10")
Maximum Lift Height(Without Adapters) 71 ½" (5' 11 ½")
Width Between Columns: 9'-4"
Minimum Arm Height 4 1/2"
Between Columns 110" (9' 2")
Column Size 14 1/2" x 7 1/2"
Column Thickness of Steel 2 gauge (.24", 6mm)
Drive Thru 96" (8')
Base of Lift 17 1/2" x 20 1/2"
Height Shut-Off 136" (11' 4")
Cable Diameter .375"
Shipping Weight (Approx.): 1,875 LBS.
Lift Speed (Approx): Ask your salesperson
Motor/Electrical Requirement 2HP, 220 volt single (1) phase. A 30 amp breaker is recommended.