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Atlas 9KOH


The Atlas 9KOH is the perfect choice for those customers who demand the most lifting capacity at the lowest possible price. The Atlas 9KOH can be installed under a ceiling height as low as 11' 7". The overhead beam can be adjusted to two different height settings: 11' 6" or 11' 10".

The Atlas 9KOH includes a complete set of solid peg type truck adapters, mounting hardware, a set of sliding lift point adapters, and a 220-volt single-phase power unit that can be mounted on either side of the lift. (The power unit column must be on the correct side).

Features 3-stage telescoping front arms.

More Details:

The Atlas 9KOH has asymmetric column configuration that offers the widest possible Drive-Thru, asymmetric arms to allow easy access to both sides of the vehicle, and two additional lifting pads that offer an infinite amount of lifting points for the rear lift arms.

The Atlas 9KOH has the chain-over-roller cylinder configuration.

Dual point safety release system.


Capacity: 9,000 lbs
Overall Height 142" (11' 10") or 138" (11' 6")
Overall Floor Width 134 ¼" (11' 2 ¼")
Outside Column To Outside Column 124 5/8" (10' 4 5/8")
Maximum Lift Height(Without Adapters) 74" (6' 2")
Minimum Pad Height 4"
Inside Column 109 ¾" (9' 1 ¾")
Column Size 7 1/4" x 11 1/8"
Drive Thru 92 ½" (7' 8 ½")
Base of Lift 13 ½" x 18"
Column Thickness of Steel 5 gauge (.2", 5.08mm)
Cable Diameter .375"
Power Supply: 220 V 60hz 2HP single phase, solenoid controlled
Ship Weight: 1,474 lbs
Lift Speed: Ask your salesperson