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Transmission Flush (ATF200)

Transmission Flush (ATF200)


Changes 99% of transmission fluid. Eliminates transmission surge, vibration, poor mileage, and poor acceleration. Operated by an electric pump.

 Parts and Accessories:

The Engine Oil System Cleaner comes with the following parts.

- Oil pan drain adapter kit for fluid recovery
- Oil filter socket adapter kit
- O-Ring mounting kit
- Adapter kit for cartridge oil filters
- Filter wrench and replacement filters


Self evacuates old fluid: Gas or Diesel
Power Supply: 110V 60 Hz 15A
Internal Pump: Electrical
Timer: Yes
Adapter Kit to Oil Filters: Included
Adapter Kit to Oil Drain: Included
Set of Gaskets: Included
Quick Couplers: Yes
Set of 6 Filters: Yes
Filter Wrench: Yes
Cleaner Tank: 2.5 Gal / 10L
Adapter to Insert Filters: Yes
1-Year Limited Warranty: Yes